How to appeal admissions decisions for the UC system 

Because I went through that whole process:

  • Write a bomb-ass letter about why you are a better candidate for admissions now than you were before. Don’t whine about being rejected, don’t write an invitation to your pity party, don’t go off on how much you’ve always wanted to attend UCLA and your parents were Bruins and your best friends were accepted but you weren’t etc. etc. etc. Tell the admission department that you are an amazing candidate, they were wrong to reject you, you will be a fantastic, hard-working member of the campus community and you are fucking perfect. 

    Be brief, to the point, and above all, confident. Brag. Sell yourself. If the letter is more than a page, it’s too fucking long.

    What not to do: “I really wanted to attend Davis becayse I had my heart set on it. I love the campus and the English program but now I don’t know what to do, will you please reconsider my application?”
    What to do:I respectfully ask that I be reconsidered for admission to Davis.  I am an outstanding candidate and I am confident that my contributions to the university would outpace those made by most students.”   

  • Whatever the universities ask for, give it to them. If they ask for letters of recommendation with a max of two, send in two. 
  • Do it as quickly as possible. Appeals decisions are typically made on a rolling basis, so the sooner you send it in, the more likely you are to be reconsidered favorably. 
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