Hey yall. If you’re just joining me, student government elections are happening at my school so over the next week my blog will be a bit more political than usual, and by that i mean a lot. For your blacklisting pleasure: student politics

Anyway: I have to strongly disagree with everyone who thinks USAC should be a neutral administration, especially the EVP office; if you, as a student, have access to millions of dollars in funds, dozens of campus facilities, and the administrative power structures both at the university level and the system-wide level, why would you squander that power on neutrality? When will we ever have this much free access to this much agency and self-representation again? It’s the student government for one of the top public university in the country, not a suburban high school ASB jfc don’t waste our money on homecoming and fitness videos when our tuition is going up and students are getting harassed on campus for being poc or queer or muslim

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