interesting *strokes chin*

There are two people I follow who watch the same show but are definitely at odds with regards to their opinions on -certain characters- and -certain plot developments-

One just reblogged the other with an eye-roll and an OMFG, a.k.a. a challenge to the OP’s opinion

Faaaaascinating~ … will it go somewhere? Will discussion be had? Will two opposing sides of the fandom come together in mutual passion for narrative analysis? 

It’s the circle of life reblogs and followers

EDIT: NOPE. DRAMA. TUMBLR DRAMA. OVER YOUNG JUSTICE. I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AT SOME POINT between two of the blogs I follow most closely because same fandom, opposite sides of the spectrum, esp. with regards to M’Gann.
Participant observation is the proper term here.
Also, this post is so meta I can’t even 

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